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How to prepare a website

Well begun is half done. You want a website? Read here what you need to know and prepare before launching a site, whether or not for your business.

Your site should be:

  1. Visitor centered, provided with complete and correct information, activating
  2. Attractive yet readable
  3. Accessible: human, browser and device friendly
  4. Secure: all websites are pretty much under 24/7 attack
  5. Fast: you will lose visitors if the loading time is longer than 3 seconds


  • A website address. Keep in mind that mistakes can be made when typing. Domain extensions (.net,.com,.org,.nl, etc.) are used for different purposes and target groups. Read more on Wikipedia.
    decisive factors are availability and price. Secure the address quickly: when the domain is already in use, the costs can be enormous. The first year this can often be done for a few euros.
  • Web hosting: compare on accessibility, speed, sustainability, price.


  • is free website software. Beware of bulky plugins or theme's
  • Think about the colour palette: colours and their meaning
  • Your special wishes or requirements, something you've always wanted on your website.
  • Look at your competition and which mistakes they make
  • Cookies and privacy legislation: info
  • Companies: what information should legally be shown at a website info

Personal checklist before launching your website:

  • Spelling and other language errors
  • Per page on completeness
  • Remove unnecessary, duplicate or dummy content. Less is More
  • Check the information on all your social media profiles
  • Testing links, icons and forms.